CORE - Double layer transparent vase

  • Add another slew of beautiful new home accessories. This vase is right at home on any table. Enchanting the geometries shape. ‘CORE’ - our beautiful tangerine orange vase in a conical shape from ‘ARITH’ our curated collection of a double-layer transparent vase. Made with high borosilicate glass. The material sparkle shine to the sun makes the vase creates a subtle atmosphere to your home. It can be placed next to a window giving us a sense of relaxation though surrounded by a very stressful environment.


    Cluecolor appropriates the form of geometries. Hence, we selected a standout piece that is specifically perfect for displaying and functionally.


    Dimension : 17cm x 8cm (with 1.2cm hole width)

    Please note that the size of the hole on this vase is 1.2 centimeter width. We know it is small but the overall of it is totally worth the size.